Hypnotist & Mind Illusionist Michael Swenson blurs the lines of reality and fantasy in his unbelievable mind altering stage shows of Hypnotism & Mind Illusion. The Hypnotist Show twists reality into comedy and transforms audience volunteers into hypnotized superstars live on stage! Michael’s energized personality and creative imagination will have audiences laughing hysterically while volunteers have a blast on stage! The Hypnotist show is fast paced, fun-filled and guaranteed to be a family experience with laughter, excitement and hypnotizing fun for the entire audience! The Mind Illusionist Show uses Michael’s intuitive abilities intertwined with fun lighthearted comedy and takes audience members through a spectacular production of mind altering illusion. Witness and experience amazing predictions, thrilling stunts, and impossible feats right before your very eyes. This truly is an outstanding show you have to see to believe… and one that audiences will never forget!





Kelly’s musical career began at the age of 15 when he began playing his first shows.  He sat in with a house band four nights per week.  Soon, he learned how to write his own music and found himself in the recording studio for the first time.  Since then, Kelly has recorded a few albums and countless songs all across the country.  His band, The Kelly McDonald Band has played shows all across the country and opened for many of Kelly’s heroes.  Kelly’s music can be heard on radio stations across the country as well as many international radio stations which can be found streaming on the internet.  The BEST way to hear Kelly’s music is to come to one of his shows at your fair, festival, rodeo or casino.  You may also see him opening for one of your favorite acts out there.  Back by popular demand, The Kelly McDonald Band will be playing on the 3 Rivers Stage in Central Park, from July 27 – August 3.




Jeni Dodd combines the sensitivity of an artist with the heart of an explorer. As a performer, she is the embodiment of the singer/songwriter, using both her experiences and her sensibilities to interpret a song. As a writer, she is a poetess in word and meter. Her adventurous spirit led her through a variety of jobs and places that lend depth to her musical interpretation. She performs any number of genres with equal ease. When she interprets a song, she makes it her own.