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The Mighty Thomas Carnival appears in Great Falls at the 2019 Montana State Fair beginning Friday, July 27 and continuing daily through Saturday, August 4.  Our traveling show presents thrilling rides, fun games, and tasty carnival treats at the Expopark fairgrounds for the 26th straight year.  Founded in 1928 in Lennox, South Dakota, by Art B. Thomas, the show now winters near Austin, Texas, and is providing its 91st season of summer fun and excitement for fair-goers at 51 events in 12 states. The 2019 tour began late January in Texas, and has continued at fairs and festivals in Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana before arriving in Great Falls. The season continues in Idaho, Utah, Arkansas, and Louisiana then returns home to the Texas winter quarters in mid-November.


Making its way to Great Falls for the 2019 fair is a brand new spectacular ride, the Star Tower, now on a ship from overseas and scheduled to arrive in time for the fair (we will confirm for you the ride’s travel as it proceeds to port in Galveston).  The Star Tower is a ninety-foot tall chair swing ride, providing thrills and a spectacular view of the Expo grounds, and designed for older children and adults. This new attraction accepts wristbands and regular carnival ride tickets.  And joining us in the extreme ride genre–the exhilarating Black Out.    The Black Out debuted at the Hawaii State Fair in June and will make its first appearance in the continental United States in Montana!   On this mega attraction, twelve passengers are secured into gondolas that rotate and flip as the central arm swings eighty feet in the air.  Returning to Great Falls in the extreme category is The Speed. The Speed’s wingspan is 140 feet–the arm rotates at a speed of 13 rpm and passengers in the gondolas at each end experience a thrilling G-force sensation.   Speed draws a late-night crowd of people-watchers meeting old friends regaling in the soft summer breeze.   The two rides in the “extreme” category are priced separately from other midway attractions.


The main carnival office is located on the midway and administrative staff is always available for questions and comments.  Credit cards are accepted at our box offices, and ATMs are located on the midway.  The carnival maintains a corner general store open to fair customers, stocked with a small variety of personal items they might have forgotten for their long day visiting the fair.


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