Competitive Exhibits

The competitive exhibits portion of the Montana State Fair features 21 unique departments.  Potential exhibitors worldwide are invited to take advantage of one or several of these departments to showcase their talents. Exhibitors can be youth to senior citizen, open class, or special needs. Browse the department list to see the 1000’s of classes offered. Each entry competes against other entries in its individual class. Winning entries earn ribbons, some will receive premium monies and in many cases special sponsor awards. A minimal entry fee is charged in all classes except youth.




General Entry Information 2020
2020 General Entry Form
Jr. Livestock Information 2020
Jr. Livestock Entry Form
 W9 Form


Creative Arts 2020
Culinary 2020
Fine Arts 2020
Quilting 2020
Hobby 2020
Home Arts 2020
Photography 2020
Weaving Wool 2020

Nature Made

Floriculture 2020
Garden & Farm 2020