Event Days

Event days are 100% of cost listed per day.  Move in and move out days are 50% of cost listed per day.


Montana ExpoPark retains right to all food and beverage concessions. Please see ExpoPark director, Susan Shannon for specific details.


All events must have a certificate of liability insurance. Montana ExpoPark has insurance available for purchase for events. Please see the Event Coordinator for specifics.

Box Office/Ticketing

Please see Event Manager for ticketing fees.


Clean up charge depending on building event- $100 to $3,000+.


Forklift with operator – $50/hr in half hour increments.
Man lift with operator – $50/hr in half hour increments
Uniformed Security – $38.00/hr
Security Supervisor – $20.00/hr
Technical Director – $22.00/hr
Stage Hands (3 hr. min) – $18.00/hr
Riggers (4 hr. min) – $20.00/hr
Truck loaders – $11.00/hr
Runner – $200/day
MT ExpoPark staff – $25.00/hr
Ticket Takers/Doormen/Ushers – $10.00/hr (4hr. min)
Spotlight Operators (3 hour min) – $20.00/hr
Spotlights (Super Troopers) – $180.00 each/performance
Labor cost for paid holidays is double the regular rate
Labor cost for overtime is 1.5 the regular rate

Quote from Service Provider

Ambulance Service
Portable P.A. sound system
Sound Technician
Dirt in building

Other Items to Rent

Electrical Drops $85 each
Phone- Existing line $100
New hookup $150
Tables – $9.00 each/day
Skirted-$20 + table cost
Chairs – $.50/event
Pipe & drape – $1.75/linear foot
10’ x 10’ Draped booth – $25/ea
Portable Bleachers – $25 each

Other Services

Hard packed dirt floor – $250 one-time fee
Copy machine – $.10/copy
Fax service – $1/page


Unless otherwise stated a lease for commercial space includes only the inside of the rented facility. Grass or asphalt areas are not included with any building unless specifically stated.  Please see Event Manager for details.

All production costs are at users’ expense.