Sleightly Amazing – Seriously Funny Entertainment

 “Creating a timestamp with laughter and a sense of wonder that transcends all ages, that’s the goal. When you,
as an audience member, stop to spend time with me, I want to make it worth your while”…Jeff Martin

Jeff’s history as an entertainer began at the age of 8, when his fascination with magic tricks prompted his parents to buy him a magic set for Christmas. Focus on honing his art filled his teen years with study, practice and many performances for friends and family.

His career, as a full time magician has taken him all over the world, from Southern California to Europe and almost every state in the union. His Hollywood connections enabled Jeff to perform for a number of celebrities
(Danny DeVito, Eddie Murphy, Michelle Pfeiffer to name a few), as well as Fortune 500 corporations and
some of the most exclusive private clubs and organizations.

On the road for as much as nine months annually, Jeff and his wife, Pam, are constantly updating his shows, writing new comedy, and producing shows for others. When time permits, Jeff enjoys mentoring to aspiring magicians as well as creating magic products.

Whether performing for royalty or inner city young people, Jeff’s ‘at home’ with his audience. Fairs, festivals, corporate events,
church shows, schools and civic organizations – all have enjoyed Jeff’s talents for their events.





Nerdy Noah is sure to shock and awe any audience with his unique
interpretation of the long standing art of juggling.
Whether he is on his death defying mini bicycle, juggling Tasers atop a triple stacked balance board,
or mystifying with his tennis rackets. The show is high energy and has lots of hilarious audience participation.
His nerdy sense of humor and zany stunts are perfect for ALL ages!